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Advanced Clinical Massage

Come and experience a highly effective, outcome-based treatment that dissolves your body’s tension, decreases your pain and discomfort AND helps restore functional movement.

As Plymouth's Leading Massage for Pain-Care & Movement Specialist, Advanced Clinical Massage is geared towards helping you return to your everyday activities, with reduced pain and tension, better range-of-motion and improved energy.

More about Clinical Massage

At Plymouth Pain Solutions, we are able to treat a wide range of chronic and acute musculoskeletal issues, systemic conditions (e.g. Long Covid, IBS and Chronic Fatigue), as well as sports injuries, sports preparation, alongside ongoing maintenance massage.


By using a tried-and-tested formula, we start by assessing any potential contraindications, which helps us seek - and improve - the root cause(s) of your issue. Depending on what we find, we then create a truly tailored hands-on treatment, aftercare and/or treatment plan.


This is unlike the majority of massage therapists who focus their attention on solely trying to make you feel a bit better after a session together, but fail to create longer-term benefits for you.

Advanced Clinical (Pain-Relief) Massage treatments fuse a range of innovate soft and deep tissue massage, fascial release, other bodywork and rehabilitation techniques. powerful when combined, these effective modalities are all aimed at relieving your immediate symptoms, and to effectively address the root cause of your discomfort.


Clients typically see significant improvement in their pain, tension and functional range of movement in just 6 treatments or less.

Advanced Clinical Massage can help with...

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Advanced Clinical Massage


Helps to significantly reduce pain, tension and improve mobility for those in chronic - or acute - musculoskeletal pain and discomfort, including those with systemic conditions.

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