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Plymouth's Go-To Pain-Care
& Movement Specialist 
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Plymouth Pain Solutions provides outcome-based treatments to help you and your family get out of pain, move with greater ease and to support you in getting back to your daily activities with the ultimate goal: being pain-free.

Our modern clinic is a friendly, welcoming and comfortable space in the heart of this historic city.

Our mission is to pave the way as the area's leading pain-relief authority, and to continue to be a credible alternative to other musculoskeletal therapies (such as Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and other Rehab therapies), alongside providing the gold-standard in Pilates & Movement sessions.


Established in 2021 by Charlie Lowry-Corry, the area's go-to Musculoskeletal Pain-Care and Movement Specialist - she brings with her a wealth of experience as a practitioner and movement teacher - alongside being a multi-clinic owner. 

Charlie is excited to bring to Plymouth her expertise, passion, dedication & drive to help the local community improve their health and wellness.


You can be rest-assured that you'll receive exceptional treatment, service and care from us. 

What to expect

Superb customer experience from start to finish...and beyond.

A welcoming, modern and comfortable clinic space.

Appointment times to suit you and your family.

A highly-experience and compassionate practitioner, committed to your health.

A reduction of your pain and increase in movement in 6 treatments or less.

A thorough Initial Consultation & Assessment on your first visit.

A bespoke treatment plan addressing your presenting pain condition.

Informative treatments and bespoke aftercare.

Tailored support to put you in the driving seat of your recovery.

Rewards for your returning visits/loyalty (which can also gift to family or friends).

Why trust us?

Plymouth Pain Solutions brings a fresh altnerativpreventative healthcare alternative to the area. We have helped hundreds of clients get out of short and long-term pain in our two well-established sister centres in Surrey and Hampshire.


Now we're delighted to be bringing our expertise to Plymouth, and to help more people get out of pain in this beautiful part of the U.K.


For many, musculoskeletal pain is an inevitable part of life, but pain should never be something we have to put up with. 


What's different about us?

We're proud to do things differently, and to get patients fantastic results. Our treatments are geared towards getting you out of chronic and acute musculoskeletal pain, and we promise you that we'll make a difference to your discomfort from the very first visit - or your money back.

Many of us have been to a MSK therapist where we feel that we're on a bit of a patient conveyor belt - the appointments feel far too short; some have little-to-no hands-on work. This may get some people results, but for many, you're often left feeling dissatisfied and wondering who to turn to next. 

We take the necessary time to get to understand your health and wellness goals, health history and to truly find the root cause of your issue/s - and we work closely with you to get you results. 

This is also reflected in our stellar customer care, and adequate appointment lengths. In our expert opinion, shorter 20-30min appointments only get you so far. Many of us struggle to take the necessary time for self-care - so 

We are proud to be an advanced clinical and sports massage and movement clinic - the owner has one of the highest qualifications in the UK, and is obtaining another degree in it - the only. 

You can be rest-assured that 

We provide an outstanding level of care - that takes into account the whole holistic person - their wellness and health goals.   


We are leading the way in the Plymouth area to help people get out of pain - with a difference!

The highest-level of clinical massage in the U.K. - no-one in the Plymouth area has. 

This massage isn't gimmicky - all our techniques are treThe ONLY degree in Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage - alongside an enviable array of . She has also hand-picked the best practitioners in the area to work alongside her. 

Come and discover how Plymouth Pain Solutions can help you and your family live happier, healthier and more pain-free lives today.


Customer care and customer experience is vital to us. We go above and beyond for every client - whether this is your first visit to Plymouth Pain Solutions, or your twentieth. We take the time to listen to you, to understand your pain points - however big or small - and most importantly, to tailor each treatment to your needs. 


From the moment you reach out to us, you'll find our friendly team will quickly help you. 

No matter what age you are, or what level your pain, aches and tension are at, we can assist you in providing a real benefit to your life. 



Most major insurance plans include our treatments 

We are pleased to say that as we are highly-trained, skilled practitioners, most insurance companies accept our treatments (some also include Pilates/Clinical Pilates) under their policies. We encourage you to find out more information prior to commencing treatment with Plymouth Pain Solutions, and would recommend contacting your health insurance provider to see what is covered under your individual - or company - policy. We're happy to write a clinical letter to your insurance company outlining your treatment with us, in order for you to claim back any expenses occurred. 

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Discovery Call

Unsure if our treatments can help you?

Book a FREE Discovery Call with Lead Practitioner, Charlie Lowry-Corry, to talk more about your issues and explore how we might help you. 


If we can't help this time round?

We'll recommend you to the best alternative services in the area. 

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