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Pregnancy & Post-Natal Massage

Why not come and discover how Pregnancy or Post-Natal Massage can help you during this important time in your life?

The aim of these bespoke massage treatments is to ensure that you are safe, comfortable and at ease, so we can get the best results for you, whether you are seeking a relaxation-focused treatment, or are looking for significant pain-relief during pregnancy and beyond. 

We use The Jing Method for our Pregnancy & Post-Natal treatments, which ensures that techniques are up-to-date with safety guidelines regarding contraindications and/or risk factors associated with pregnancy.


The Jing Method is the gold-standard in massage treatment and holistic client-care, meaning that you will be treated in a safe, friendly and highly-professional environment. 

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More about Pregnancy & Post-Natal Massage

At Plymouth Pain Solutions, we are able to treat a wide range of pregnancy and post-natal related musculoskeletal pain conditions, alongside focusing on boosting relaxation and overall wellbeing.

As a musculoskeletal pain-care specialist, treatment is geared towards helping you return to your everyday sporting and exercise activities with reduced pain, tension and stiffness, and with restored functional movement. 

No matter whether you're suffering from a new or older injury, our Pregnancy and Post-Natal Massage treatments seek to find the root cause of your concern using a scientifically-researched formula to seek the root cause of your issue. improve your condition so you can return to your exercise with renewed confidence.

Depending on why you're seeking either massage treatment, we will always work closely with you to ensure that sessions are completely tailored to your needs and desired outcomes - whether that's for a one-off session, or we feel that a course of massage treatment is the right fit for you.

Our pregnant and new-mum clients report immediate relief from aches and pain, and always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Pregnancy & Post-Natal Massage can help with...

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Advanced Clinical Massage


Helps to significantly reduce pain, tension and improve mobility for those in chronic - or acute - musculoskeletal pain and discomfort, including those with systemic conditions.

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